Breeding, Growing and Selling Standard Bred Poultry

Saturday May 4th, 9am to 4pm

Hosted by Flamborough Fur and Feather Fanciers at

Rockton Agriculture Fairgrounds, Rockton ON

Program outline

The emphasis is on raising, breeding and marketing chicken for meat and eggs, with content applicable
to exhibition fanciers and for waterfowl and turkey. Five sessions, some concurrent. Birds on display.
• Identifying Standard Bred poultry: why and how to use APA standard
• Feeding, Facilities and Foraging on pasture
• Selecting for Meat Quality, Growth, Egg Production, genetics basics
• Disease and Health in Small Flocks
• Processing and Marketing your Standard bred poultry (panel)


Start time 9am, Lunch 12 noon (bbq’d heritage chicken delicacies)
Finish time 4pm. Lots of time for networking and socializing over lunch.

Instructors: acknowledged competent breeders, judges, small flock

Gerald Donnelly, APA judge and longtime prize-winning poultryman, Orangeville
Troy LaRoche, APA judge, breeding specialist for bantams, Georgetown
Mark Camilleri, APA judge, DVM, Ancaster
Ruth Knight, M.Sc. Ag, Organic consultant, Small flock raiser. Wingham

Intended Participants

The event is for people who are raising heritage poultry for sustainable farming, production of meat
and eggs, exhibition and breed preservation. The content will appeal to people interested in learning
or improving their skills in identifying standard breeds, selection of breeding stock and breeds for
meat, eggs, dual purpose, or exhibition, the basics of incubating (natural and machine) and genetics.
Young poultry fanciers and breeders register for half price.


Register for $50 including all training materials. Lunch is extra. Limited to 40 people. Late
registrations postmarked after Apr 19th, will cost $75. Cheque payable to Flamborough Fur and
Feather Fanciers.
Mail application to 1580 Old Hwy 99, RR3, Dundas L9H 5E3. Inquiries to ianagraham@rogers.com


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