The following are the minutes for the Wednesday Evening March 06, 2013.  Members please read and email Robin any omissions, errors or corrections.

“Eleven members in attendance; got some corrections on e-mail addresses; George Melvin was asked to set up the club’s website; George knows of a ’refrigerator’ sized incubator for sale, a Jamesway, this is for serious sized hatchings, contact George if interested; Larry Moore will contact Elwood Quinn regarding the Kerry cattle initiative; Elwood has Chantecler eggs for hatching at $20.00 per dozen; no decision on SOHLBC dues; RBC memberships left to individuals?; The feature of the meeting was listening to an audio CD of a talk given at the annual meeting of ACRES USA in Louisville, Kentucky. Art Reimer was at the meeting and kindly provided the CDs, there are two and we listened to the first one, putting over the second to another, maybe the next meeting.The speaker on the CD was Jim Adkin, a sustainability poultry specialist and, I think, the man driving the Sustainable Poultry network and the subject of his talk was sustainable poultry, heritage poultry and in this instance heritage chicken and a little on turkey. He talked of hens having 5 – 7 years of productivity and roosters having 3 – 5 years, slow maturity, averaging 16 weeks for chicken for meat, 24 to 28 for turkey. H spoke to marketing bottlenecks for heritage breeds: Breeders .. Growers .. Processing .. Cold Storage ..  Marketing .. and a sixth consideration was knowing how to cook heritage breeds. He suggested that, in the USA at least, it is not profitable to process under 1000 birds off farm. He stressed that breeders and growers need to work together. There was of course much more along this line interspersed with humour and folksy talk. It was a worthwhile listen and thanks go to Art for providing it.  (actually George brought it as he had borrowed it from Art). Thanks Art and George. Meeting broke up, as usual with talking among members on all sorts of interesting topics.

Next meeting will be April 03, 2013 at 2000 hrs.



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